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Dr sidhartha a spiritual teacher and author and an occultist started teaching meditation and occultism after he attained enlightenment. He gained insight into the fact that the natural way to achieve spiritual goals of self knowledge and god realisation was through love and meditation. He founded inner peace foundation with headquarters in India and offices located in USA and UK.
He teaches us a simple and natural method of meditation, which helps people attain inner peace and develop their inner potential to the fullest. He has transformed the lives of people who have sought out his guidance.
He has designed a special powerful meditation technique called THE GOLDEN FLOWER MEDITATION. And some more powerful techniques for exploring the inner journey and inner peace .The meditation techniques help in realising stress, activating intelligence , developing intuition and creating harmony and peace in the body mind and soul.
He toured extensively throughout the world spreading the science and art of meditation and occult sciences helping people to achieve harmony in their lives.
In the course of his travel his work has been appreciated by several heads of state, like ex president of USA , ex prime minister of Thailand and several other leaders from various countries.. His discourses have attracted people from all walks of life and also captivated the attention of several political and social leaders .

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Dr. Sidhartha has been honoured by Ex. President of USA.

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Dr. Sidhartha has been honoured by Ex. President of USA.
"Life-Altering Guidance: Dr Sidhartha insights have brought clarity, purpose, and profound transformations to our clients' lives."

Friends i am Julia from Canada , it's only few years back i came in contact with dr sidhartha , i think that moment was the golden moment of my life . I saw a man of cosmic knowledge standing in front of me . His magnetic energy has transformed my life as a metal turning into gold . I wish this earth is having more people like dr sidharth.

Julia - Astrologer

I am Parul jain a school teacher by profession for senior classes. I have been in touch with dr sidharth since long time , infect guidence recieved by dr sidharth became a ladder to sucess for me and helped me attain peace .

Parul jain - Astrologer

I am dr colonel Monika from Romania , i am working in Romanian army .I can't live without guidence from dr sidharth, his guidence has helped me at every step in life .

Dr. colonel Monika - Astrologer

I am gulneer Puri , i was living in USA , but due to some reason i opted to settle in India , then i came in contact with dr sidharth a spiritual master and master of occult sciences. We got lot of guidence from him which changed our life like some magic in my life .

gulneer Puri - Astrologer

I am Fran Miller from USA , few years back i came to India with my husband who was heading Motorola for Asia ,during that time we came in touch with dr sidhartha , a mutitalented spiritual master , i was lucky enough to get guidence and spiritual training from him , due to guidence of dr sidhartha my life was enlighten with knowledge, i shall always be grateful to him .

Fran Miller- USA - Astrologer

Myself is Jim Miller few years before i came to India for heading Motorola, during that time only myself and my wife got connected with spiritual master dr sidharth. His presence in our life was like a light house and we shall always be grateful to him .

Jim Miller - Astrologer