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Aura Vastu

Aura Vastu is a holistic approach that combines the principles of Aura reading and Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that focuses on creating harmonious and balanced living spaces. Aura Vastu incorporates the understanding of energy fields (auras) and their interaction with the environment to enhance the energetic balance and overall well-being of individuals and their surroundings.

In Aura Vastu, the aura of a person and the energy vibrations of the space are considered interconnected. It is believed that the energy of the environment can impact a person’s aura, and conversely, the aura of an individual can influence the energetic environment. By harmonizing and balancing the energies of both the individual and the living space, Aura Vastu aims to create a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Aura Vastu practitioners analyze the aura of individuals and evaluate the energetic flow within a space. Based on this assessment, they recommend specific modifications, adjustments, and remedies to optimize the energy balance. These may include repositioning furniture, using specific colors, incorporating natural elements, and applying energy balancing techniques to create a harmonious and uplifting environment.

The purpose of Aura Vastu is to create spaces that promote well-being, abundance, positivity, and spiritual growth. It combines the understanding of a person’s aura with the principles of Vastu Shastra to create energetic harmony between the individual and their surroundings.

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